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Public Records Search Articles

The Social Security Death Index: An In-Depth Overview

The Social Security Administration keeps death records of the departed. The list if called Social Security Death Index. It is very important to keep such records to prevent identity theft and fraud.

As you can see, dead people used to have their very own social security number when they were still alive. The SS Administration just wants to make sure that other individuals will not use the social security number of the dead.

The death index is considered as a public record and so the government allows the public to view such death records as long as the information will be used legally. This kind of information is invaluable to researchers who want to gather information for their genealogy search, history project, and even in tracing missing individuals.

For the United States, Mexican, and Canadian citizens, the SSA offers a complete records list of the social security death records index for $6,900. The list is available in DVD and you …

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Finding Public Criminal Records

Today, a lot of people are looking for public criminal records. The reason for them doing so is because the businessmen and employers who want to hire people want to know the person’s background and this is an important and essential part of the pre-employment screening. By doing this the employers will be clear that their employees do not have any criminal past and also will be in apposition to inform their other employees about the new worker’s criminal past.

The other people who look out for these records are the students of law and also lawyers who are investigating into a case. People ask one question which is, are criminal records been shown as public records.

Normally, all criminal records are thought to public records. Nevertheless, some criminal records are restricted from viewing. For example a record where a case is still going on will not be available for viewing on the internet. You should be aware of the …

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Popular Resources For Public Records

This article provides you the free online five public record data research sites which are the best today.

In today’s society the want of searching and viewing public records is in the increase especially with companies who want to know all details of every applicant that they want to hire. No employer would want to be in a position where he has hired any person who was involved in unpleasant affairs such as sexual harassment. If your employee comes to know of it and if he found out that your company did not screen the person before hiring him, then your company is likely to get a lawsuit.

There are a lot of websites that help you to get information about the public record you are searching for right from driving records and criminal records to other public records.

Nevertheless, some websites do not provide enough information about public records. If you really need a trustworthy website to search for …

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How to Find Marriage Records Online Quickly and Easily

There are lots of places on the Internet where you can obtain marriage records. Where you should begin your search will depend on why you need the records. For example, if you are looking for genealogy information, sites like and can help you find the information. These sites offer free and paid subscription for their members. Marriage records can be the puzzle piece with which you put together your family tree. Of course, you might need more recent information. If you are looking for recent marital records, you will need to contact your local Department of Vital Records.

You can find out more about how to contact your local Department of Vital Records and how much it costs for a marriage record on the NCHS web site. This site lists information for all states. For example, on this site you will discover that it costs approximately $12 to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate. The state houses …

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How to Find and Order Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates

If you are looking for certified copies of marriage certificates, it may be helpful to know you can get them on the Internet. It’s true — the Internet is a fantastic resource for obtaining a variety of information, including vital records. Of course, you could contact your local or state Department of Vital Records as well. When you contact Vital Records, the process is usually to write for the copies you need. You will also need to enclose a check or money order for the cost of the record. The cost for vital records depends on your state of residence. Different states charge different fees for vital records. As you can see, you will need to deal with the hassle of mailing the information and money off before you can receive your certificate copy.

When you obtain a vital record like a marriage certificate online, the process goes a lot more quickly. You are able to fill out and submit …

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How to Search for Birth Records Online

You may need birth records for any number of reasons. Perhaps you lost your birth certificate or those of your children. Maybe you are researching your genealogy, which is a valid reason to request a copy of a birth certificate. Or you might be trying to find someone and you wish to contact his or her family. You may be trying to conduct a background check on someone. If this is the case, knowing the person’s place of birth can help you contact neighbors and relatives to obtain information on the individual. The parents may still live at the same address shown on the birth certificate. Birth information is considered public knowledge in most states and can be released to just about anyone.

A birth certificate provides detailed information concerning the birth of a person, such as the mother’s full maiden name, the father’s name, the name of the person born, the date of birth, and the county or city …

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Searching for Free Death and Birth Records

Some time along the way folks begin to wonder about access to family birth and death records.  Most folks are afraid to check, erroneously believing it to be tedious and expensive. However, there are free web sites that provide such information.

One such excellent site, totally free of charge is –  They do require that the individual register with them, which will provide access to all the information needed by the searcher.  They do require, however, certain information regarding the search.  The more information provided the easier and faster the search.

Name of the person being searched

Birth and or death date and time

Country, city or town of birth or death

Hospital of birth or hospital or clinic where the dying person was admitted

The resident physician who attended the birth or physician who cared for the dying patient

Legal guardian or parents

All birth and death documentation include dates, statistics, records and other details associated to the …

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How To Access Federal Court Decisions

If you are in any way connected with the legal field – whether you are a student or involved in any paralegal activity, you know that having access to federal court decisions is vital. This could be as research for your papers or it could have a bearing on any current case you could be working on. Whatever the reason, these are very helpful. The question is: how can you lay hands on them?

Actually, these records can be viewed by the public and it is legally allowed. So what you need to do is to locate them and exercise your right to take a look at them. The good thing is, the Courts have moved with the times and many court decisions are available online, thanks to technology. You can access the government’s database and look for the ones you want among the ones that have been uploaded online. It could be that not all are digitized though. You …

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Criminal Background Search Tips and Information

These days it is very easy to investigate someone. It is convenient also using the internet. There could be many reasons for conducting a criminal background investigation search. It could be just curiosity on the part of someone about an individual. Or it could be that someone wants to hire fresh staff. In these cases the reason does not matter. These tips will come in handy when conducting these searches.

Being organized is important. Hand-held computers as well as notepads can be used. Keep the information you have gathered organized so that you can retrieve it when you need it. There is no point in having to search for it all over.

A local search should be conducted before gathering information from external sources. Computer files and documents can be sorted out by you. You may spend a few days doing this. At the end of you may find what you are looking for.

You should take into account three …

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Civil Court Cases: How to Look These Up?

Civil court cases are those that can be referred to as the ones which are not criminal in nature. The cases which relate to private citizens can be found here. The amounts involved are less than ten thousand dollars. The cases where the amounts exceed ten thousand dollars fall within the purview of the Supreme Court.

The groups into which civil cases are divided are probate civil court, landlord otherwise tenant civil filings, juvenile filings, family civil court, and general civil court filings. These are the general groupings.

Under the purview of the civil court come the cases that involve changes of name, leasing and renting, child custody, child support, property damages, disputes relating to contracts, juvenile delinquency, and divorces. If any information regarding any of this is required, it’s the civil court records you must read.

Civil court websites are these days available through which you can access court records. These feature not only present records but past records …

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