Records-com.com is a leading provider of information related to public records data searches. Through an affiliate partnership with CIS Worldwide, we provide consumers with access to public records through the Internet. It is important to note that we are simply a marketing company. We do not manage any of the records or resources nor do we accept money directly from consumers. Instead, we are paid a commission for each consumer sent to CIS Worldwide’s network of websites.

If you have customer service inquiries or questions related to the public records data or you wish to have data removed from databases, please contact CIS Worldwide directly through their website at http://www.cisnationwide.com, call them at toll-free (800) 764-0104 or send mail to the address below:

CIS Worldwide

P.O. Box 1452

Boston, MA 02117

If you have questions regarding a purchase you have made for access to public records data, we encourage you to contact CIS Worldwide directly or contact their payment processing company ClickBank at http://www.ClickBank.com.
Thank you.