Finding Public Criminal Records

Today, a lot of people are looking for public criminal records. The reason for them doing so is because the businessmen and employers who want to hire people want to know the person’s background and this is an important and essential part of the pre-employment screening. By doing this the employers will be clear that their employees do not have any criminal past and also will be in apposition to inform their other employees about the new worker’s criminal past.

The other people who look out for these records are the students of law and also lawyers who are investigating into a case. People ask one question which is, are criminal records been shown as public records.

Normally, all criminal records are thought to public records. Nevertheless, some criminal records are restricted from viewing. For example a record where a case is still going on will not be available for viewing on the internet. You should be aware of the fact that a criminal record cannot be viewed as a public record if the case is still going on.

The public records can be viewed by the general public after the trial is over and the records have been included in them.

You should have an idea about criminal records as to what records are available for viewing. If the case is still going on then the result will only be that the case is still under trial and is a pending one. You will still have some information on the criminal record but not in detail. Criminal records that are still under trial and the case is going on will not be available for access to the general public until the case is closed and all documents included in the criminal records.