Searching for Free Death and Birth Records

Some time along the way folks begin to wonder about access to family birth and death records.  Most folks are afraid to check, erroneously believing it to be tedious and expensive. However, there are free web sites that provide such information.

One such excellent site, totally free of charge is –  They do require that the individual register with them, which will provide access to all the information needed by the searcher.  They do require, however, certain information regarding the search.  The more information provided the easier and faster the search.

Name of the person being searched

Birth and or death date and time

Country, city or town of birth or death

Hospital of birth or hospital or clinic where the dying person was admitted

The resident physician who attended the birth or physician who cared for the dying patient

Legal guardian or parents

All birth and death documentation include dates, statistics, records and other details associated to the particular database belonging to the website.  All members have total access to all the vital information needed.  The information obtained by the search is usually permanent and accurate and are maintained within secure and private domains.

For access to all the free informative privileges, the searcher must first become a part of the system as a member.  Once the searcher becomes a part of the system, they will have instant access to all the requested data.   Sometimes there are some fees but these are an absolute minimum and well worth the while for all that information one has sought and obtained.