The Social Security Death Index: An In-Depth Overview

The Social Security Administration keeps death records of the departed. The list if called Social Security Death Index. It is very important to keep such records to prevent identity theft and fraud.

As you can see, dead people used to have their very own social security number when they were still alive. The SS Administration just wants to make sure that other individuals will not use the social security number of the dead.

The death index is considered as a public record and so the government allows the public to view such death records as long as the information will be used legally. This kind of information is invaluable to researchers who want to gather information for their genealogy search, history project, and even in tracing missing individuals.

For the United States, Mexican, and Canadian citizens, the SSA offers a complete records list of the social security death records index for $6,900. The list is available in DVD and you can easily order for it online.

Aside from the SSA, you can also access third party agencies which offer the same info but at a much affordable cost. These private agencies or companies are aware that some people don’t necessarily need the entire list and so they put up their very own sites so that researchers can conveniently search their database and get only the info they need.

The social security death index can provide you with info about the dead person’s full name, birth date, death date, residence, the place of issue of the SSN, and the last address.

When searching, don’t include the middle names in your death records searches.