Tracking Marriage and Divorce Records

If there is any doubt on tracking marriage and divorce records through the internet, let it rest.  The fact is that digitalization has made all sorts of searches possible and easy due to the internet.  Many free sites including federal ones can provide all sorts of pertinent information.  There are some hitches, however, and sometimes the free information is limited and without details.

When searching for marriage and divorce records, all one has to do is type in a person’s complete name, place of birth and or current address and one can obtain as part of the information, their marriage status.  Such as married, single or divorced, all for free.  If one is searching for more than the person’s civil status then there is often a fee to be paid depending on the information sought.  The searcher then determines whether the information is worth the payment.

With many sites advertising that ‘free’ information is available, one is often susceptible and falls prey to unscrupulous advertising.  However, all is not false and quite a bit of detailed information regarding an individual’s profile can be obtained through government offices and departments holding essential statistics.  The information is usually free; however, one has to pay for copies of the data, which are certified verified copies for legal purposes.

Sometimes one can get caught up in the various webs that offer information, including those which have membership fees and this can become time consuming in addition to complicated.  If one has the money and not much time to be searching, it is best to hire a private investigator for obtaining the information.  For faster results it is best to know the state where the person was married.

If one needs to check previous marriages or divorces of a person, it is often best to hire a private investigator and save all the trouble and headache involved.